Aakash Pharmatech Pvt Ltd was incorporated and founded by a very strong and sound technical legacy for the designing and manufacture of modern day pharmaceutical machinery. We have specialized in vial & bottle filling. Rubber Stoppering, sealing & vial Labelling-sticker & wet Glue Machine., Ampoule Washing & ampoule Filling  & Sealing  machine, Ampoule Inspection & ampoule Sticker & Wet Glue Labelling & Rondo Tray Packing Machine. This Appreciation For the quality has come  from our valuable customers, who have registered enhanced production performances. This speaks volumes of astounding success for us. Globally accepted technical innovations are immediately incorporation before they become apparent.

Company’s General Philosophy and  Healthy work Hierarchy.
For the rock solid all round development and advancement in  every aspect of life, Evolution is the inevitable phenomenon. It is therefore imperative  to adapt to the global innovations and stay on the path of excellence. This is belief has initiated us in our relentless pursuit of research and development, resulting in our strength to Withstand healthy global competition and be one of the elite global leaders to provide you with state-if –the-art products and services in the least possible time.


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