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    [+]Dear Mr.Administrator
    [+]Patch your System
    [+]We Are Pakistani Hackers, Don't Try To Mess...

Mindless Injector
Pak Cyber Skullz

.::Hacked By::.
Pak Cyber Skullz

Your Site's Security Has Been Compromised By Mindless Injector ...All Of Your Data Fucked!

Nothing Security Is Perfect For Mindless Injector
We Are Muslim Hackers... Don't Try To Mess With Us
We Are unbeatable... We Are Anonymous
Indian: Free Kashmir Freedom Is Our Goal. Stop hacking Pakistani Sites...
We Are Unbeatable... Nothing Security Can Enough For Pak Cyber Skullz
We Born For Our Country...We Die For Our Country
We Are Legions Of The World... I Will Come back...
Muslims Are Not A Terrorist

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